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Giuen Invest Ltd. - Scandinavian Forwarding
Author: Roger K. Olsson
Goteborg 2010-11-27


North Scandinavian Forward (NSF)

Worldwide Shipment Solution Int. +46 (0) 705474830 - Website: http://24express.newscred.com/   


Giuen NSF - The way forward

Giuen NSF has been a leading road transport company for more than ten years, providing shipment to Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark from anywhere in Europe, and other countries around the World. Our NSF logistics company works to provide the best and most cost effective shipping solutions. Our main headquarters are in the United Kingdom and we also have satellite offices in Russia and Sweden.

We are specialized in road transports

Logistics has been proved to be an important arrangement of successful management, particularly within the fields of procurement, production and distribution. Giuen NSF transport coordination division that is responsible for our spedition and logistics services is in a very expansive stage for our customers and our cooperation partners demand for our services. Our logistics will meet up to approach connections for you and overcome the distances.

Exports are key to the economic survival of a nation

Giuen NSF focuses on the policies as it state in 2002 council controlled organization policy for fair and sustainable participation on public issues and arrangements. The advisory council is appointed by the Board of Directors to advise the Board and to support the work of the organization.

Confronting the responsibilities and guideline related issues today

Giuen NSF is been found in transportation services to best serve the needs of the nation. Giuen NSF experts also stress the importance of maintaining a long-term working relationship with private partners. They recognize that contract closing is not the end of the relationship, but the beginning of a partnership that will include both large and small contract renegotiations.

Giuen NSF public-private partnerships

The authors next provide a sense of how transport PPP contracts work by describing several standard types. This list is incomplete, but serves to illustrate the inherent flexibility of the PPP contracting approach. Roughly speaking, moving from the least amount of private responsibility to the greatest, some common contractual categories include the following seven:8 Design-bid-build (DBB) was the traditional contractual approach used to construct


many public works in the United States in the twentieth century. Under a DBB contract the public sector engages engineers and architects to design a facility to meet certain specifications. It then accepts bids from pre-certified construction firms to build the facility. Notably, the design and construction firms in a DBB contract are separately responsible for each of those project stages. The government is responsible for financing the project and assumes all risks associated with its ownership and operation. The facility remains under government management for its entire design life. Private financing and risk assumption are minimal in a DBB contract. A design-build (DB) contract is a straightforward extension of a DBB contract. Under


a DB approach, a single private partner designs and constructs a facility, in contrast to the separation of those responsibilities in a DBB contract. A DB contract has the advantage of capturing any economies of information, knowledge, and skill between a facility’s design and its construction. Like DBB contracts, DB contracts usually do not involve private financing, but private parties do assume additional risk through the design and construction process. The design-build-operate-maintain (DBOM) approach allows parties to benefit from


additional process integration relative to a DB contract. Under a DBOM arrangement, the private partner is responsible for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of a facility for a specific time period. Operation and maintenance functions are therefore added to the private partner’s responsibilities relative to a DB contract. Payment after project completion is conditional on meeting certain performance standards, such as physical condition, traffic congestion, ride quality, and capacity. A DBOM contract allows the private partner to utilize its detailed knowledge of a particular facility’s design and construction to develop a maintenance and operating plan specific to that facility. By assigning responsibility to the private partner for project quality and performance throughout its entire lifecycle, this approach also gives the contract team incentive to provide the best possible plan and project. If, for example, heavy vehicles are going to use a highway, then a private firm that builds and then maintains the facility will use more durable pavement.9 The government typically retains ownership and is responsible for financing the project under a DBOM contract. Long-term lease (LTL) agreements allow the competitively chosen private partner to


lease an existing toll facility for an extended time period through a bidding process. The contract details the responsibilities of the private partner regarding maintenance, operation, improvement, and expansion of the facility in return for the right to the facility’s toll revenue. The private partner typically pays an upfront concession fee, although other approaches, such as revenue sharing or annual lease payments, are possible. Ownership again remains with the government, but private investors usually assume risks—such as revenue risk from changes in traffic flow, as well as risks associated with changes in operation, maintenance, and renovation costs. In the United States, the Indiana Toll Road and the Chicago Skyway concession agreements are examples of long-term leases. A design-build-finance-operate (DBFO) contract is an extension of the DBOM approach


in that the private partner assumes at least some added responsibility for financing the project and the risks associated with that financing—that is, the private partner becomes responsible for the design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance, improvement, and expansion of a new facility. The partner is granted the right to actual toll revenue (or shadow toll payments) for a specified time period in exchange for fulfilling those responsibilities. Although DBFO contracts vary according to the degree of private financing involved, part of the financing is usually accomplished through debt that leverages streams of toll revenue. A DBFO contract may be awarded for the upgrading or expansion of an existing facility if the necessary renovations are significant. In many cases, operational responsibility reverts to the government after a period of time. This appears to be a popular approach internationally. Under a build-operate-transfer/build-transfer-operate (BOT/BTO) contracting


approach, the private partner designs, constructs, finances, and operates the facility as under a DBFO contract. The private partner owns the facility, however, until the end of the construction period or the contract term. Ownership reverts to the public-sector sponsor at the end of the agreed-upon period. In Australia, for example, facilities have often been built and operated under a build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) approach. A build-own-operate (BOO) contract engages the competitively chosen private partner


in a broad range of responsibilities, including the design, financing, construction, ownership, maintenance, and operation of a transportation facility. Because the private partner actually owns the facility, it assumes all risks associated with the facility’s ownership and operation. Although there is typically no provision for transferring facility ownership to the government, the terms of the concession may be renegotiated, or the government may purchase the facility. An additional noteworthy PPP distinction is between real toll, shadow toll, and availability payments arrangements. Real toll arrangements involve charging drivers directly for road use. The motorist actually pays the toll. Shadow tolls differ in that the motorist does not pay a toll directly. Payments are instead made by the public sector to a private road operator based partly on the number of vehicles using the road. Availability payments are similar to shadow tolls in that the private partner does not receive toll revenue directly. The public partner’s payment is here not based on traffic volume, but rather on the basis of other dimensions of service quality, including such factors as safety, congestion, minimum performance criteria, and lane availability (hence the name).10 Depending on the details of their structure, such non-toll arrangements allow public and private partners to share traffic (or demand) risk. They also allow performance-based PPPs to be used on un-tolled roads. This means that, even if political or other considerations prevent tolling, a PPP may still be used. Each type of arrangement carries its own set of costs and benefits, and provides public sponsors with additional policy choices.

Giuen NSF public-private partnerships source of information: Mineta Transportation Institute (Research).

A variety of methods can be used to collect transportation pricing

Giuen NSF logistics is been provide an basic ground pricing list as below.

Basic Ground Pricing 2010/11

Reg. REF 351Volvo FH12 2000 3-axis tarps flatbed truck with 40.65 cubic and 14.9 tons capacity. (Box Truck).
SEK 690 kr / h.

Combined pricing 2010/11

Reg. REF 351Volvo FH12 2000 3-axis tarps flatbed truck with 40.65 cubic and 14.9 tons capacity. (Box Truck).
SEK 498 kr / h. + SEK 68 kr / driven mile.
(/10 km).

Reg. FHB 045 Volvo FL614 1995 2-axis distribution box truck with 8 tons capacity.
SEK 551 kr / h. (Box Truck)

Invoice Period: 15 days.

Further information & helpdesk: +46 (0) 705474830

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Copyright 2010 Roger K. Olsson


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Mr Roger K. Olsson
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Author: Roger K. Olsson 

G.D.D. Open Investment Management (ENG)

With the responsibility to create basic conditions for financial planning in relevant fields with a perspective that primarily affects the 'Council Controlled Organization Policy' which regulates development and a stable administration in view of a Development Commission. It focuses on the companies which currently leads operations in a range of sectors and across several different geographical areas and acts as development catalysis. It seems that once again so as to gain a more efficient return is purely structural purposes which take account of that meeting a year with realistic funding. There will be a series of very real strategic investment and it will also lead us to time typically involve ourselves with the peak periods as the economy faces change during growth. The future is not, however, much of the systemic changes that address. A more extensive cooperation and a closer contact with the active chamber of commerce and embassies is one such example which needs to be developed, there should be more contemporary elements of an exchange therefore to be a real efficiency of incorporating the desired effect to meet tomorrow. I refer in particular to the immense amount of research in a number of areas which will serve as building blocks but also set a minor adjustment to the activities and in a practical sense of business. Such areas where the development of the research has mainly been a more or less living in the past year has been about economics, security and geological research (Geo-sciences). Numerous lines in these areas has also established a very good response for the instrument to the future management. A number of other tests have proved even those of very good development but has not yet really reached a rash or a development. Such examples include the share exchange, which in a sense, is a very extensive structural development opportunity for any currently unused as an asset. We have in our main purpose aside a relatively stable governance for ensuring equity loans particularly for new start-ups. We also have to develop a harmonized and attractive services in the financial services and credit card solution in which a long neglected the development and growth will provide a huge demand for global trade in the policy which created to ensure transparency in the cash and credit markets through the Internet platform for cash management and trade. Through the global system for credit card market, we have studied including the Central Bank for this design, the concept of e-money service. It is generally the most viable for the release of a range of activities from an overall management approach grounded in a small effort has been devoted to development linked directly to the multilateral and bilateral activities in industries, oil, mining, energy, property and real estate. With the new focus will therefore work for assistance and other civilian social interventions to be significantly reduced down, which is based in the growth margin since the postwar period increasingly dramatically decreased in the bill. This gives the authority in charge of humanitarian aid a smaller space, on their own, to devise an aid policy that is conducted nationally anchored. The underlying needs assessment which provides a basis, therefore, development has been designed in the well-established and organized policy for public order and emergency preparedness. It provides today's most symbolic value for a parallel organization in the field of security and in addition there is no further need. A more focused and specialized task should serve us as an institutional trader for growth. The most comprehensive reform course in the coal extraction will commence in the Mongolian coal belt in Asia. A crucial guideline is that in the years also enriched with a whole new market for an everyday stock, currency and stock trading. The new field is to market the Australian stock exchange list has been made available for trading through our deposit accounts and now provides the opportunity to trade through a single platform, thus fewer credentials and a more comprehensive idea of the analysis, and mission opportunities. By meeting our clients and customers with a simplified operation of the trade account and a comprehensive information database of investment opportunity in real time, we believe achieving a desired high level of competitiveness and a more attractive market for operators. The annual report will be a duly supervise investment in developmental projects and rely on contracts for the development of the special economic zone, MMSEZ, Iran. During the second half of next year should a turnover amounting to the requirement that an auditor is appointed for each company separately or individually for registered management.


For a more detailed description and specific information on concrete activities and action commitments do not hesitate to follow the link below debriefing on the Casheasier Compendium©.

News & Finance Web Page: http://cash.newscred.com


G.D.D. Open Investment Management (SE)

Med ansvar att skapa grundläggande förutsättningar för finansplanering inom relevanta områden med ett perspektiv som främst berör det ’Council Controlled Organisation Policy’ vilken reglerar utveckling och en stabil förvaltning i överblick av en Utvecklingskommission. Det handlar främst om det bolag som idag leder verksamheter inom en rad sektorer och runt om på flera olika geografiska områden verkar som utvecklings-katalys. Det förefaller sig återigen som att en effektivare vinståterbäring är rent strukturellt att beakta som ändamål för att möta ett kommande år med realistiska medel. Det kommer att göras en rad mycket strategiskt riktiga investeringar och det kommer även innebära att tidstypiskt innefatta sig med de toppar som näringslivet ställs inför vid tillväxt. För det kommande finns däremot inte mycket i system förändringar att åtgärda. Ett mer omfattande samarbete och en närmare kontakt med aktiva handelskammare samt ambassader är dock ett sådant exempel vilken behöver utvecklas, det bör finnas mer tidsenliga inslag av ett således utbyte för att en effektivitet riktigt skall införliva den önskade effekten för att möta en morgondag.  Jag tänker framförallt på den ofantliga mängd forskning inom en rad områden som skall utgöra grundstenar men också föregå mindre justeringar inför verksamheter och i en praktisk mening av verksamhet. Sådana områden där en utveckling av forskning har i huvudsak utgjort en mer eller mindre vardag under det senaste året har handlat om ekonomiskforskning, säkerhetsforskning samt geologiskforskning (Geo-sciences). Många analyser inom dessa områden har vidare etablerats i mycket goda utslag för instrument till framtidens förvaltning. En rad andra analyser har visat sig även dessa för mycket goda utvecklingsmöjligheter men har dock ännu inte riktigt nått fram till ett utslag eller en vidareutveckling. Ett sådant exempel är bland annat den andelsbörs vilket i ett perspektiv utgör en mycket omfattande strukturell utvecklingsmöjlighet av något idag outnyttjat som tillgång. Vi har i vårt huvudsakliga syfte avsatt en relativt stabil förvaltning för säkerställande av kapitalutlåning inte minst för nya företagsetableringar.  Vi har också att utarbeta en harmoniserande och tilltalande service i den finansieringstjänst och kreditkortslösning där en långt eftersatt utvecklingsfas och tillväxt kommer att bistå en stor efterfråga för den globala handeln i den policyn vilken skapats för att säkerställa transparens på kontant och kredit marknaden genom en Internet plattform för kontanthantering samt handel.  Via det globala systemet för kreditkorts marknad har vi bland annat studerat centralbankernas utformning för detta, i begreppet e-money service.  Det allmänt mest gångbara till förklaring för en utbredning av verksamhet ifrån en total förvaltningsinriktning har grund i att en mindre insats har avsats för utveckling kopplad direkt till de multilaterala och laterala verksamheter inom industrier som, olja, gruv, energi, materiell och fastighetsbranschen.  Med den nya inriktningen kommer således insatser för bistånd samt andra civil sociala insatser att betydligt minskas ned, vilket är grundat i den tillväxtmarginal som sedan efterkrigstiden allt mer dramatiskt har minskat i proposition. Detta ger myndigheten som ansvarar för humanitärt bistånd ett mindre utrymme att på egen hand utforma en biståndspolitik som bedrivs nationellt förankrat.  Den behovsprövning vilken grundlägger en således utveckling har utformats i den väletablerade och organiserade policyn för samhällsskydd och krisberedskap. Där ges idag mest ett symboliskt värde för en parallell organisation inom området för säkerhet och utöver det existerar inget ytterligare behov. En mer fokuserad och specialiserad insats bör gagna oss som institutionell aktör för tillväxt. Det mest omfattande i reform väg är den kolutvinning som kommer att påbörjas i det Mongoliska kol-bältet i Asien. En avgörande betydelse för riktlinjer är att vi under året även berikats med en helt ny marknad för en vardaglig fond, valuta och aktie handel. Det nya inom området marknad är att den Australienska börslistan har gjorts tillgänglig för handel via våra depositionskonton och numera ger möjlighet att handla via en och samma plattform, alltså färre inloggningsuppgifter och en mer samlad uppfattning om analyser, uppdrag och möjligheter.  Genom att tillmötesgå våra klienter och kunder med en förenklad funktion på handels konto och en samlad informationsdatabas med investeringsmöjlighet i real tid tror vi uppnå en önskad stark konkurrenskraft och en mer tilltalande marknad för olika aktörer. Årsredovisningen kommer att i laga ordning förestå investeringar i utvecklingsbara projekt samt åberopa avtal för en utveckling av verksamhetens ekonomiska zon, MMSEZ, Iran.  Under den andra halvan av det nästkommande året borde en omsättning uppgå till kravet att en revisor utses för respektive bolag var för sig eller enskilt för registrerad förvaltning.

För en mer detaljerad beskrivning samt information om specifikt konkreta verksamhetsåtgärder och åtaganden går det bra att följa rapportering via länken nedan på Casheasier Compendium©.

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